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Please Join us at our annual golf charity fundraiser on July 13th, 2018 at Newcastle Golf Course. Please visit our Golf Page for more info!

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Clarington needs more full time firefighters.....

Please Watch the NFPA Whiteboard video below, which illustrates how many firefighters are required to respond to different types of structure fires.

Clarington currently runs 3 full time (24/7) staffed pumpers, but allows them to go down to 3 firefighters per pumper, so initial fire response could be only 9 firefighters.


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The Clarington Firefighters Association has been working hard with local council to improve public and firefighter safety. We are committed to reaching our goal of permanently having a minimum of four firefighters on every full time pumper/rescue vehicle.


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PTSD effects us all.


Please watch the video below regarding PTSD among emergency personel.


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Thank-you to all who supported our 2016 Charity Golf Tournament at Newcastle Golf and Country Club. Please visit our Golf page to see our sponsors and for information on next years tournament.

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Clarington Fire Trucks to carry Epipens!


CEFS Epipens


EpiPens will soon be added to the list of life-saving equipment on Clarington fire trucks.

The department will be adding epinephrine autoinjectors, or EpiPens, to some of its vehicles to better improve firefighters’ ability to respond to severe allergic reactions.

“Having them increases our response and is just one more thing we can assist with,” said Fire Chief Gord Weir.

EpiPens are used to help treat anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction often caused by insect bites or certain foods and medications. According to Chief Weir, the department has enough funds to equip three fire trucks with both adult and child EpiPens this year while all eight of the municipality’s pumper trucks will carry the injectors come 2015. Firefighters are expected to undergo training in the proper usage of the EpiPens prior to the devices being placed on the trucks.

The estimated cost of adding the pens is approximately $3,200, with Chief Weir expecting each pen to cost approximately $100. With firefighters often responding to calls before paramedics, Chief Weir says the pens are another step forward for the department.

“It’s just like carrying oxygen,” said Chief Weir. “It’s just one more tool we can use.”

The plan went ahead after Clarington council unanimously approved the measure, put forward by Regional Councillor Mary Novak. She said she did so after speaking with firefighters on the issue and hearing about the death of a man over the summer due to an insect sting.

“It made absolute sense for the firefighters to have the EpiPens and the training needed,” said Coun. Novak, who carries an EpiPen herself. “If it helps to save someone’s life then it’s worth it.”

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The recent fire tragedy that rocked the community of East Gwillimbury has focused attention on a critical aspect of firefighting and fire protection.
The issue is who's inside your local fire hall? (Volunteer or Full-time). And can they get to a fire fast enough?

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